Present Truth Publishers

Keep, by the Holy Spirit which dwells in us, the good deposit entrusted.   2 Timothy 1:14

Present Truth Publishers was run by Roy Huebner based on an exercise to author, print, and distribute sound Christian literature not having an outlet elsewhere. The effort began using a typewriter, an old printing press in the basement of a friend, and an army of volunteers to hand-assemble pamphlets. The advent of word processors, high-speed laser printers, and binders friendly to short-run publishing greatly eased the production efforts, allowing more time for research and writing.

On February 18, 2008, after "awaiting the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life" all his life, the Lord was pleased to take brother Roy home to be with Himself in glory, absent from the body, present with the Lord. "And it came to pass, when the days of his service were completed, he departed to his house." -- Luke 1:23

As the Lord allows, this web site and publishing effort will continue to make existing PTP literature available, until "the Lord himself, with an assembling shout, with archangel's voice and with trump of God, shall descend from heaven....and thus we shall be always with [the] Lord."

"The Father's House Our Dwelling"

Blessed Father, send our Savior,

So where He is there we may be,

In Thy house of light and love,

Dwelling evermore with Thee.

There, our joy in thee unhindered,

Forth in love and praise shall flow.

There, as sons in that bright glory,

All Thy blessing for us show

Ah, the fullness that awaits us,

Father, as we dwell with thee,

In abodes of such great nearness,

None shall ever nearer be.

Then as we are looking forward,

To our Savior's rapture-shout,

May our life and our behavior,

Speak Thy love to all about.

--RAH, February 2007

Audio Ministry

"For ever with the Lord!"

Amen! so let it be:

Life from the dead is in that word,

'Tis immortality.

Here in the body pent,

Absent from Him we roam,

Yet nightly pitch our moving tent

A day's march nearer home.

Our Father's home on high,

Home to our souls so dear.

E'en now to faith's transpiercing eye

Thy golden gates appear.

Our thirsty spirits faint

To reach the home we love;

The bright inheritance of saints,

Jerusalem above.

And though there intervene

Rough seas and stormy skies,

Though by no mortal vision seen

Thy glory fills our eyes.

There shall all clouds depart,

The wilderness shall cease;

And sweetly shall each gladdened heart

Enjoy eternal peace.