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CDs and DVDs With Searchable PDF Files

CDs and DVDs in "PDF with Image" format, meaning that pages were scanned from a printed copy, and underlying the image of each page is the text in PDF (but with some scanner errors made. Some words will not have been scanned correctly and such will not respond to a search.) The words and pages will, however, look exactly as in the respective books, including italics, boldface, as well as the Greek and Hebrew words and letters.

New The text may be searched using the free Adobe Reader© which may be down-loaded by clicking on the Adobe Reader link. Included with each CD or DVD is the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. Copy the content of the CD-ROM or DVD into a folder that can be searched, on your computer;
  2. Use Adobe Reader to do simple word and phrase searches on individual books or across all books on a CD or DVD, as well as proximity searching across all books -- which allows location of two words within your specified maximum number of words between the two searched words.

Available Items:

Searchable DVD: Writings of J. N. Darby
51 books of JND, including the New Testament with critical apparatus.
  • Collected Writings Volumes, 1-34
  • Letters, Volumes 1-3
  • Notes and Comments, Volumes 1-7
  • Notes and Jottings
  • Synopsis, Volumes 1-5
  • New Testament Translation
Item # 3003

Searchable CD: Writings of C. H. Mackintosh
This is a CD-ROM featuring the ministry of C. H. Mackintosh, including the following:
  • Notes on Genesis
  • Notes on Exodus
  • Notes on Leviticus
  • Notes on Numbers
  • Notes on Deuteronomy
  • Miscellaneous Writings Vol 1-7
  • Answers to Correspondents
  • Fifteen Letters to a Friend
  • Handfuls of Pasture, Vol 1-2
  • Last Days of RCM from Things New & Old
  • Unity
  • A Letter to a Friend on the New York and Reading Pamphlets
Item # 3004

Searchable DVD: The Bible Treasury, edited by William Kelly
This DVD-ROM contains the complete Bible Treasury, Volumes 1-20, and New Series Volumes 1-13.
Item # 3007

Searchable CD: Christian Magazines 1
  • The Christian Friend, edited by Edward Dennett. Only the 1874-1890 issues are included, on account of articles appearing subsequently by F. E. Raven supporters.
  • Words of Faith, edited by Christopher Wolston and F. W. Grant, 1882-1884.
  • The Girdle of Truth, edited by W. H. Dorman, 1856-1866.
  • The Bible Student, edited by A. T. Scofield, 1881-1883.
  • Words Of Truth, edited by F. G. Patterson, 1867-1876.
Each volume is searchable by itself and all volumes are searchable at once.
Item # 3008

Searchable CD: Thy Precepts CD-ROM
One CD-ROM of all issues from 1986 to end of 2006.
Item #3009

Searchable CD: Christian Truth for the Household of Faith
One CD-ROM, 38 volumes, edited by Paul Wilson (1948-1966), and Ralph G. Rule (1967-1985).
Item # 3010

Searchable DVD: Collected Writings of JGB, GVW, AM, CS, and JLH.
This is a DVD of the writings of J. G. Bellett, G. V. Wigram, and Andrew Miller, which are in PDF format with Image, while the writings of Charles Stanley and J. L. Harris are in PDF (their writings were scanned and formatted in an 8 1/2 x 11 book size). Individual papers and books may be searched, and all books can be searched simultaneously, as well as proximity searched.
Cat. # 3011

Searchable DVD: Christian Magazines 2
This DVD contains:
  • Things New and Old, 33 vols.
  • The Present Testimony, 18 vols.
  • Bible Subjects for the Household of Faith, 4 vols.
  • To Every Man His Work, 2 Vols.
  • Food for the Flock, 9 vols.
Item # 3012